Many small and medium sized businesses are well run and are often managed by very strong leaders.  But let's face it, not everyone knows the best way to "grow" sales.  Most businesses are started with a great idea, service, or product often by someone of extreme technical expertise.  Their network, word of mouth, and charisma are often enough to launch a businesses and possibly sustain it in the early years. In many cases, the organization is small with the leadership wearing many hats - HR, finance, and possibly sales.  The business is large enough to employ 2-8 full time sales professionals but not quite to the point where a dedicated sales leader can be justified with the incremental financial burden.

This is where a Fractional Sales Leader comes in.  Often called Part-Time Vice President of Sales or Outsourced Sales Leader, as a Fractional Sales Leader we spend only a portion of our time with your organization.  You gain the benefits of our experience leading world class sales organizations at a fraction of the cost.  We provide the structure, strategic plan, and tools needed to run your sales organization resulting in increased top line growth.

If you experience any of the following situations, a Fractional Sales VP can likely help turn the corner

  • Sales has declined or stalled while you see your competitors continue to grow.

  • Continuous turnover in the sales organization resulting in declining sales

  • Change of ownership is coming in the future and potential equity partners or buyers want to see a more formal sales process

  • Unexpected departure of the Sales Leader without a qualified candidate as a replacement

  • Inconsistent sales forecasting preventing the support of financial institutions

We recognize your business, products, and markets are unique, so we custom tailor our offering to your needs.  We can be as active or distant as you chose.  You may want our engagement one day a week, a couple days per month, or on a retainer basis.  Together we will establish the goals of your organization and Navigant will provide recommendations to achieve these objectives.  The goals can be achieved by any combination of resources provided by Navigant and our partners.

  • Territory Planning - Develop the best plan for a given sales territory for the most effective us of a sales rep's time and investment yielding maximum value from the customer base of the region.

  • Talent Assessment - Determine the qualifications of the existing sales team and develop the ideal sales rep criteria for candidate employees.  Qualifications may be made through interviews, role play exercises, ride-alongs, and customer inquiries.

  • Recruitment of Sales Reps - Develop job descriptions and qualifications to fill open and future sales or business development roles.  Navigant partners with several world class recruiters and can assist in filling needed vacancies if required.

  • Compensation Plans - Many organizations are challenged to find the best method to monetize sales commissions to motivate the proper activities that generate top line growth.  Our experience can help develop a compensation or commission plan that is cost effective, fair, and motivating.

  • Sales Skills Development - Once the baseline talent is understood, taking the team to the next level may take additional education.  Formal classroom style sales skills training may be recommended while others may prefer tailored one on one mentoring.

  • Channel Development - Are you going to market in the most effective manner with the right breath of coverage.  We can evaluate current or opportunity to implement 3rd party sales channels and recommend the best balance between direct and indirect sales.  

  • Sales Operations - Proper support of your sales team to keep them at their highest efficiency is critical.  Is your sales team spending their time on truely revenu generating activities or is a structure need to ensure their time is used wisely.  Our best practices for adminsitation of a sales organziation can be employed to maintain the best ROI of your sales team.

  • Forecasting and Pipeline Management - Running a profitable business required forecasting from all areas of your business, including the sale team.  Our forecasting methods may be deployed to help you ensure your long range goals are in sight and on track.

  • CRM Implementation - Customer Relationship Management systems can be a valuable tool to both the sales team as well as operations.  We have experience with deployment of several brands of CRM systems and can help you find the best product for your team along with selection of implementation partners.